Sierra Wilson, the Solarflare Alchemist, is one of the main protagonists of the fanfiction Fullmetal Reborn. After the death of her parents and brother, Sierra had moved to Central to live with her Aunt Annabelle, and had studied alchemy diligently. Around the time she turned nineteen, she had taken the State Alchemist’s Exam, and, much to her like, she succeeded. From then on, she has wandered around Amestris, striving to achieve her goal to become a true hero of the people, as well as try and gain more experience as an alchemist.


Sierra’s a nice girl who’s friendly and gets along with pretty much everyone. She’s usually submissive, having a hard time saying no due to the fact that she doesn’t like to disappoint. She’s not the kind of girl who’d you expect to be a dog of the military; she has a fear of blood and is wary to kill (though she eventually gets over this). But you can’t deny she has talent as an alchemist if you catch her taking care of some robbers on the street. Sierra is a magnet for trouble as well, being the type that could’ve been thrown into jail a few times in our world even if she was innocent of all charges.

She’s smart, the kind of person to point out anything that goes against what she knows in an almost innocent smart aleck way. She can get quite exasperated, though doesn’t complain much. Sierra’s quite reckless, barely ever thinking before acting, especially when it comes to being a ‘heroine’. And, she’s also quite clueless when it comes to taking care of her automail or things like romance. It’s easy to gain her trust, but it’s also easy to lose it, too.

Like Edward, she appears to have a height complex. However, instead of ranting, she’ll just start sulking and will quietly object that she’s not really that short.

She doesn’t curse, and it’s hard to get her pissed off unless you’ve done something that she really, really couldn’t forgive. Sierra also has a great appetite, probably able to compete and possibly tie with a certain blond pipsqueak in an eating contest. And if you don’t feed her when she needs food, she’ll probably ramble on mindlessly until she fainted or got her food.


Prologue Edit

In Arc 1, Sierra makes her first appearance as an unnamed girl talking deeply about her life. She explains about how sight is a glorious thing, about how sinners understand what it means to lose, and that she was one of them. She seemes to exhibit some sort of interest in comic books, mentioning that 'a typical super hero would probably say they recovered from their past, grabbed a cape, tied it on, and flew out the window to go take care of the bad guys'.

She acknowledges how weak she truly is and that she isn't a super hero at all, and goes on about how she rejected life after an unnamed accident. By the dialogue, it appears that Sierra may be blind, though based on her saying earlier that 'it was only half of what she could've lost', she just might've lost sight in one eye. Why? It's to be elaborated on.

Sierra then says that she's glad she had been persuaded to move forward, and explains how losing things isn't always for the worst. Then she closes with a nervous notice of how 'cheesy she sounds right about then'.

Chapter 1Edit

To be summarized.

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